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Extreme Janitors Saves Thousands with Better Time Tracking

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Extreme Janitorial Saves Thousands with Better Time Tracking
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“I would definitely recommend ClockShark to anyone with a business in the service industry with a lot of employees in the field.”

-Abel C., President/Founder of Extreme Janitors
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For Extreme Janitors, cleanliness wasn't just a service, it was a core value. But when it came to managing their team, paper timesheets were creating a messy situation.

Hours were lost in manual calculations, payroll was a headache, and employee accountability was a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

“One of the biggest challenges we had as a company was employee accountability. We never knew where employees were, if they were on site on time, or if they stayed on site for the amount of time they were supposed to stay," says Abel C., President and Founder of Extreme Janitors.

The breaking point

The lack of transparency and accountability created a breeding ground for problems.

The final straw came when a series of payroll errors, fueled by illegible scribbles and misplaced records, threatened employee morale and trust. Their old system, once thought to be strong, was finally falling apart. It was time for a major change—they needed to go digital!

Reasons why Extreme Janitors made the switch to ClockShark

  • Saved time, saved stress: ClockShark has freed up 3.5 hours a week, allowing Extreme Janitors to focus on what they do best – keeping things sparkling clean.
  • Peace of mind: Now they can see exactly where everyone is, when they start and finish work, and even get proof of completed tasks with pictures.
  • Easier payroll: ClockShark integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, allowing for a one-click payroll process. No more manual calculations or late paychecks.
  • Happy crew: The crew loves the ability to clock in and out easily, take photos of completed work, and receive accurate paychecks on time.

Making the switch

After doing research online, Abel found ClockShark.

"ClockShark was a game-changer," Abel beamed. "It's simple and reliable, and the crew loves it! They can snap pictures of their sparkling work and payroll. It's a dream. One-click and our QuickBooks is updated, with accurate, on-time paychecks for everyone."

Extreme Janitors' story is a testament to the power of embracing technology. By saying goodbye to paper and hello to ClockShark, they transformed their business, one clean swipe at a time.

“ClockShark allows us to hit one button and import our information from the app to QuickBooks. Now we have payroll taken care of in just minutes! Our crew receives their paychecks on time and accurately.”
Abel C., President/Founder of Extreme Janitors

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