Landscaping Time Tracking

Stop wasting time with inefficient employee timesheets with landscaping time tracking

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  • Track jobs from start to finish
  • See the location of every employee on the clock
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Get 100% Accurate Employee Timesheets With Landscaping Time Tracking

With ClockShark, your employees will be able to track time from the field using our free mobile apps. Job and location data is included with each time punch so you know where everyone is and what they’re working on in real-time. Keep tabs on project costs and run payroll with our easy to use reporting tools, and keep everything moving with the built-in employee scheduling. You handle delivering the best project you can to your clients. We’ve got the Landscaping Time Tracking covered.

Work Happens in the Field. So Should Your Time Tracking

Paper timesheets require employees to remember start and end times at the end of the shift. Not only is this forgetfulness a pain, but it also leads to inaccurate times. Times are guessed, hours are rounded up and your payroll costs and hassles go through the roof. Mobile time tracking solves all these problems.

ClockShark’s iOS and Android app let you bring the landscaping time tracking to the worksite. Employees can clock in/clock out, take breaks, switch between jobs and tasks all from their smartphones. It’s faster, easier and more accurate than using paper timesheets.

virtual time clock

Lower Your Payroll Costs 2-8% with GPS Time Tracking

With the GPS Time Clock App, every time punch has a location attached so you can see where everyone is when they clock in and out. This promotes accountability by keeping clock punches on the job site and not from down the street on the way in or out. Our customers save between 2-8% in payroll costs* just by stopping early clock-ins and late clock-outs. Employees can see their timesheet right from their phone so they know how much time they’ve put in and how much they have left to go. Giving employees this information helps control overtime hours and keeps everything fair.

GPS Tracking - View a “breadcrumb” trail of every site visited by employees throughout the workday

Powerful Yet Simple Scheduling Means No More Headaches

Employee scheduling in a landscaping or pool business can be a time-consuming chore. It seems like everyone is always confused about their schedule. Not anymore! You’ll create schedules by dragging and dropping jobs or employees onto the calendar in your web dashboard. Your employees will see the schedule on their phones in the ClockShark's landscaping time-tracking app. Anything you change is immediately visible to your workers. You can even send notifications right to employees’ phones whenever the schedule changes. Now you won’t have to stay until 6 pm sending out schedules and everyone will know where they need to be. Imagine that!

Complete Data for Incredible Job Costing Accuracy

Tracking costs to specific jobs is important for many landscaping and pool businesses. Every time punch in ClockShark comes with job, task (aka cost code) and location information. This data gives you super-accurate job costing. ClockShark’s time reporting tools allow you to see exactly how much time was spent on each job and task in just a few clicks. You can view, print or export any report. If you’re using QuickBooks, Sage, Xero or one of our other integration partners you’ll benefit from built-in data transfer capabilities.

Job Costing in QuickBooks

Nothing to Order. You've Already Got Everything You Need

Landscaping Time Tracking with ClockShark doesn’t require expensive equipment or complicated setups. You’ll set up and run things from any computer with a web browser. All your employees need is the smartphone they have in their pockets.

All the time data is stored in the cloud, so if you drop your phone in a pool you don’t lose any information. Replace the phone, download the app again and you're right where you left off. Got someone without a smartphone? No problem. Crew Clock lets supervisors or foremen punch the clock for their teams.

Keep Tracking Your Crew Even When They Have No Cell Service

Sometimes your landscaping crews might need to work in areas with no service available. With ClockShark’s landscaping time tracking software, that’s not a problem. Their hours will still be tracked and automatically synced when they are back in a service area.

offline time tracking

Let Your Entire Crew Clock in and Out From a Single Mobile Device

If you have a landscaping crew in the field that doesn’t want to use their smartphones or tablets to clock in and out, no problem! ClockShark’s Kiosk Clock is the perfect solution. You can have employees clock in and out on a single device, using a PIN and, if you want, facial recognition.

ClockShark KioskClock™ - Replace Clunky Time Clocks with Kiosks

Manage Jobs From Start to Finish

Job management is tough - especially when you have multiple crews and jobs. But with ClockShark’s landscaping project management software, you can manage jobs from wherever you are. Keep track of projects, communicate with landscaping crews, share data about customers, and more.

ClockShark JobFlow - Keep jobs moving forward

Update Everyone on the Progress of Each Job

With a mobile workforce - such as landscaping crews - you need a way to communicate clearly, effectively, and quickly. Thankfully, Conversations allows you and your landscapers to communicate in real-time. Everyone is notified of updates to the conversation threads so everyone knows what’s happening, as it’s happening.

The geofencing features and ease of use are excellent. Reminders when crew members reach jobsites helps to mitigate forgetful employees.
- Demetre C
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9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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Time Off

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Clock Out Questions

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